Detroit..I Love This Place


You should chose Cool Places to Live to help you with your relocation needs, because we go above and beyond to help you find that cool place to live, and it’s not a cliché, it’s the real deal. What’s unique about our company is that we don’t wait for properties to contact us to be listed, we go out looking for what we think are “Cool Places to Live” for you, which means some of our properties won’t be so obvious.  We will be looking for and checking out “Cool Places To Live” all the time, so please don’t hesitate to contact us to make sure you don’t miss out on one of those “Cool Places to Live”. We can start you out with a consult for as low as $40.00.  Contact us for more information.

Be sure to check the “Hello Cool People” blog for current events and cool things we’d like to share with you. Feel free to use the site for ideas of cool places to eat, and play by clicking the link on the home page in the area you’re interested in exploring.  We also have a “Just Cool Places” gallery of random places in Detroit that we want to share with you. Thank you for visiting we hope you enjoy the experience, and please don’t forget to follow us on twitter and “like” us on Facebook.