3rd Street Bar

3rd Street Bar

3rd Street Bar is relatively new (new ownership and newly remodeled), and seems like it’s getting off to a slow start.  The crowd is hit or miss, but I like the vibe, it feels comfortable, so I’m rooting for them.  To go hang out at 3rd Street here’s the information 3rd Street Bar


Cass Cafe is not only a cool place to eat, it’s also a cool place to play.  It’s a gallery and a live music venue too!  Again you never know who you’ll run into here.  To find out more about Cass Cafe follow the link Cass Cafe

Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) is located in Midtown Detroit, which is the cultural center of the city, so of course you can’t live here and not check out the DIA.  For more information and upcoming events follow the link DIA

Honest Johns is your local neighborhood bar that has been around for years, but more recently in its current location.  It is a fact that this bar was voted the bar with the best jukebox in the country, yes the country!  To find out, just follow the link to the Honest Johns facebook page.

Majestic is an entertainment center.  So in addition to being able to grab a bite to eat, there are lots of other things going on there, check it out. Majestic Cafe

Main Library is just that, the main library in the city.  I don’t think there is any subject that can’t be located in there, it’s also been known recently to hold functions there after library hours.  For more information contact the Detroit Main Library

Motor City Brewing Works is probably one of the best places for hand crafted beer and pizza, but I wouldn’t know because I don’t drink beer, but that’s no reason to deprived anyone who does, so for more info follow the link Motor City Brewing Works 

Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD) is a cool place to play when you have some leisure time.  They have modern exhibitions, learning workshops for kids, and various events for adults.  For more information about MOCAD click the link MOCAD


**Some places do not have a website, so they will be linked to a facebook page, or a page that will give you more information.