Playing in New Center

Playing in New Center

Northern Lights is the coolest bar located in New Center Detroit, and apparently I’m not the only one who thinks they have the coolest ladies room in the city.  For a schedule of weekly events click on the link  NortherLights


Fitness Works, just like the YMCA is not a bar or restaurant, but the name says it all, fitness does work, and some may find it to be fun.  For information on membeship fees, click on the link FitnessWorks

Motown Historical Museum (Hitsville USA) is one of Detroit’s most popular tourist attractions.  It was established in 1985, by the sister of Barry Gordy Jr., Ester Gordy who passed away 2011.  It is nicknamed Hitsville due to all of the hits produced out of there, by none other than Barry Gordy himself.  For more information and event schedules follow the link MotownMuseum

New Center Park (seasonal) is an outdoor park/venue that host summer long events.  For information about New Center Park click on the link NewCenterPark

The Fisher Building has graced us with it’s beauty since 1928. It has 28 floors, two 11 story wings, and plenty of places to eat and play in there. For more information about this impressive jewel follow the FisherBuilding link.

**Some places do not have a website, so they will be linked to a facebook page, or a page that will give you more information.