Dinning in New Center

Dinning in New Center-City Wings

City Wings is a family owned restaurant that I am so impressed with, because every time I’ve been in there the customer service is superb.  The decor is very contemporary, and it’s always extremely clean, oh and the food is good and reasonable.  I don’t usually chat up one restaurant over another, but I just couldn’t help myself on this one.  To give City Wings a try, here is more information City Wings


New Center Eatery is a breakfast, lunch and brunch spot known for their wings and waffles.  It seem to be getting pretty good reviews.  This is the phone number because it’s not on the Facebook page that I’m providing you with to get more information. Click on the link New Center Eatery

New Center One has a variety of lunch stop restaurants that close relatively early.   If you work in the area it’s worth giving them a try. New Center Place

Northern Lights is known for great drinks, eats, and also known for, as weird as it may sound,  having one of the best lady’s room in the city, and I happen to agree.  To find out more about Northern Lights, follow this link Northern Lights

The Zenith is the newest restaurant to open in New Center. This Southern Mexican Fusion restaurant has so many different options that you are bound to find something off that menu you will want to try at The Zenith

Z’s Villa is a well established little spot, with its great food and cocktails.  Tucked back off of a side street, if you blink you might miss it.  Around the corner from Mr. Mike’s, it’s worth seeking out.  For more information about Z’s Village (the name is intriguing alone) click on the link. Z’sVilla

There is not an abundance amount of eateries in New Center, but I have a feeling that with the rapid growth happening in Detroit that is going to change.


**Some places do not have a website, so they will be linked to a facebook page, or a page that will give you more information.