Photograph by Emmett Nicholas

Photograph by Emmett Nicholas

Harbor House has great seafood, and it’s just on the cusp of what we call Greektown.  The last time I was there, the lobster macaroni was a great choice.  For more information follow the link Harbor House


Andiamo is an Italian eating experience you can enjoy with a view of the Detroit River, and a view of the river always makes the experience a little more romantic.  For your romantic experience follow the link Andiamo Detroit

Angelina’s Italian Bistro is an Italian restaurant located in the heart of the city.  You can reserve a table for a nice authentic  meal, or stop in for a yummy appetizer and a glass of wine at the bar.  For more information about Angelina’s follow the link Angelinas Italian Bistro

Bucharest Grill, I think by far sells the best shawarmas in the city, and please don’t tell them I said this, but a little under priced sssshh.  To find out just how good they are click this link for Bucharest Grill and watch for updates on their second location in Corktown, that’s now open, and their third location that’s opening days from now, their fourth location is now open NW Detroit. Whew talk about expansion..

Central Kitchen + Bar is another new comer to downtown Detroit. They have a salmon burger that is amazing, why is it amazing? Because it has Brussels sprouts on it, and everything is better with Brussels sprouts. Check out Central Kitchen + Bar soon to enjoy the outdoor patio.

Chez Zara is now closed. Why are they even worth mentioning? Because they had the best Nutella Nut latte I’ve ever tasted. Hopefully they will make a come back so I can enjoy the rich nutty taste of a Nutella latte.

Detroit Seafood Market, is what it is, it’s a seafood restaurant, located in what is commonly known as Harmony Park (and the re-designated “Paradise Valley” historic entertainment district), and it’s good.  To give it a try Detroit Seafood Market

Dime Store, noooo it’s not really a dime store, but it is an American brunch bar, yup bar, you can have a beer, or mimosa with your omelettes Dime Store

Domino’s, I know you’re probably wondering with Supino’s Pizza so nearby, why Domino’s? Well for one, I can be “basic” every once in awhile, and the other is that I can eat just the butter garlic crust alone.

Elwood Bar and Grill has been around since 1936, and has been bounced around here, there, and everywhere, they even ended up in Madison Heights MI, but they are right back where they belong in Detroit. For more info follow the link Elwood Bar and Grill

Before becoming vegetarian, I could eat the fish and chips at Foran’s everyday. They are, in my opinion, just that good. I can honestly say that I just might revert back to sneak a taste. To do the taste test for yourself, go check them out Forans Grand Trunk Pub

With Foxtown, oh excuse me Da Edoardo Foxtown Grille being a staple in downtown Detroit, I can’t believe I’ve never been here before, and the menu is mouth watering. I think we should all give it a go.

Germack Pistachio Company Owned Retail Store and Coffee Bar: 2509 Russell St. Eastern Market, Detroit 48207.  Store Hours: Mon-Sat, 8:00-4:30.  Store Phone: 313-566-0062.  They have some of the best coffee and products in the city.  Today, Germack Pistachio Company is the oldest roaster of pistachio nuts in the United States. Visit them at Germack or just go to Eastern Market.

Lafayette Coney Island is the 24/7 go to place if you want the best coney (chili dog) before or after a game, or anytime the feeling hits you.  Every year there is a contest between them and American Coney Island (google the history behind this family rivalry). I guess you can tell which one I prefer. Ha! they’re so old school they don’t even have a  link (lol).  For more info click here Lafayette Coney Island you won’t regret it.

Opus One is available for catering only.  For more information about Opus One follow the link Opus One

Pizza Pappalis Chicago Deep Dish Pizza never gets old, and just a little too close to home if you ask me. For the closest location click the link Pizza Papilas

Plaka’s, located in Greektown, is the all night spot to grab a bite to eat.  For me that would be breakfast. Chances are if you get there at “bar rush”, you might be in for a wait. Plaka’s

When Shake Shack opened, it was total mayhem. I personally had never heard of it, but apparently hundreds of other people had, because the line was literally wrapped around the corner, it didn’t hurt that it was an unseasonably warm February day, had to be 70 degrees out. To check out what all the hype is about, click on the link.

Sweet Water Tavern has the best chicken wing dings in the city!  Click the link for more information about Sweet Water Tavern Sweetwater Tavern

Town House restaurant is the latest to join us in Detroit. The hamburgers are huge, and the décor is awesome. To check out Town House click on the link.

Wright & Co. is the newest small plates restraunt with dishes made to be shared. The ratings are high so go check them out Wright & Co


**Some places do not have a website, however they will be linked to a facebook page, or a page that will give you more information.