Corktown Detroit has got to be the cutest, quaintest, safest place to live in Detroit; it’s also the oldest neighborhood in the city.  Corktown had the highest concentration of Irish settlers from County Cork Ireland, which explains how Corktown got its name.  If you are in search of originality…then a flat or a loft in Corktown is what you need; each spot has its own unique look.  It’s a neighborhood where people take back baseball fields and riverfront parks.  People sit on their porches, and work on their lawns and gardens; where the neighbors know and look out for each other, ride their bikes, and you can hear the rooster across the street cock-a-doodle doooo.  When you wake up from that dream, you’re only minutes away from downtown Detroit.  The only rule for living in Corktown is to love where you live….

Finding a place to live in Corktown can be tricky, that’s why you need us to help you out with that. Contact us so we can get started finding you a “Cool Place To Live” in Corktown Detroit. Contact for pricing and assistance.

Biking and short distance to public transportation to Wayne State University (WSU), Henry Ford Hospital, College for Creative Studies Argonaut Building (CCS), Fisher Theatre, New Center One, Cadillac Place, 2 miles from the Detroit Medical Center (DMC), 2 miles from downtown, close to all freeways (Lodge M10, I75, I94,I96).