This is a deli after my own heart!! Mudgie’s uses only the freshest local produce and ingredients around, and you can surely taste it in every bite. For more information on Mudgie’s follow the link Mudgie’s Deli


Astro Coffee is a cute addition to the already cute Corktown Detroit. Known for their varieties of slow drip coffees and homemade baked goods, they are sure to please. You will find it in the same row of storefronts with Slows Bar B-Q. For more information about Astro Coffee follow the link Astro Coffee

Bobcat Bonnie’s just opened the summer of 2015, and off to a good start. The menu is a little different which makes me curious to try some items off of it. To check it out click on the link.

From the owners of Slows BBQ they bring you a new hot spot eatery. What does Gold Cash Gold have to do with food? Absolutely nothing, but that’s what was on the building when they decided to make it a restaurant, so Gold Cash Gold it is. They buy and sell local products, so you know it’s fresh!!

Bucharest Grill, I think by far sells the best shawarmas in the city!! Please don’t tell them I said this, but they’re a little under priced (lol). To find out just how good they are click the link Bucharest Grill and make sure you visit their second location in Corktown, and I hear there is another location in the works for New Center. I’ll let you in on a little secret, the parking is much better in Corktown. Update: Bucharest is up to their 4th. location!! Click the link to find out which one is closest to you.

If you’re looking for something a little different Green Dot Stables is it, but just don’t go there hungry because those sliders and fries will definitely add up$$$$! The reasonably price drinks may make up for it. To draw your own conclusions follow the link Green Dot Stable

We have to include SW Detroit as part of Corktown, because if we don’t we are going to miss out on some cool places popping up over there. With that said we have to mention the Huron Room. The Huron Room is a Michigan theme restaurant specializing in fish and chips, and as much as I love fish and chips I can’t believe this place got by me!! I have got to go check this place out soon..

I would have to check the demographics to know for sure if Hygrade Deli is in Corktown, but it doesn’t matter to me, what matters is that their corn beef sandwiches are soooo good. To find out for yourself they are located at 364 W. Michigan Ave. Detroit, MI 48216 (313) 894-6620.

Le Petit Zinc is a really cute crepe restaurant/bar, located in Corktown.  Only considered a bar because the name is French slang for “local bar”, but they don’t sell any alcoholic beverages.  For more information about Le Petit Zinc click the link Le Petit Zinc

I went to McShane’s for their fish and chips, and being a lover of fish and chips I can’t say that I was overly impressed, but I like the place enough to give something else a try.  For more information go to McShanes Update:  I did return and I do like!

Everything about the Mercury Burger Bar is cute, it kind of reminds you of a diner, and the food is soooo good!  You won’t have to worry about service here because they’ll be plenty of servers on the floor to help you out!  Check out the MBB Mercury Burger Bar

Nancy’s Whiskey is known for serving lunch, as well as a bite to eat with late night beverages. If you don’t know where you’re going you might not find it, but all the locals know where it is. To find Nancy’s Whiskey click on the link Nancys Whiskey

Nemo’s is located on Michigan near Trumbull, right down the street from the old Tiger Stadium. It’s still the meeting place for Detroit Tiger’s fans to grab a burger before the game…and catch their shuttle bus to the new home of the Tigers, Comerica Park. Click on the link for more information Nemos

Onassis Corktown depending on who you ask is like no other, the food is fresh, the place is clean, the staff polite, yup sounds like no other to me, but to see for yourself visit them at 1501 Michigan Ave. Detroit, MI 48216 Ph# (313) 222-9999

Rubbed is a rather unique sort of restaurant. They serve charcuterie (shahr-koo-tuh-ree) which is a type of culinary artistry devoted to preserved meat, primarily pork, but not exclusively. The taste is amazing, and the aroma coming out of that place can’t be passed up. For more information get Rubbed Detroit

Known for their pulled pork and delicious sides, Slow’s is a staple in Corktown. For more information follow the link Slows Barbq

Some may consider Mexican Town southwest Detroit, and some may say it’s part of Corktown, depending on who you ask. I think it’s technically in southwest Detroit, but it’s well worth mentioning because it has the best authentic Mexican food around.  Xochimilco pronounced so-she-mil-co is one of the oldest and most popular Xochimilco but there are plenty of others to choose from.


**Some places do not have a website, so they will be linked to a facebook page, or a page that will give you more information.