A New Way Of Parking In Detroit

Anyone who visits downtown Detroit knows the struggles of parking at a parking meter, and if you live down here, well I’m sure you encounter it much more frequently. If you are lucky occasionally you end up with quite a bit of unused change in your pockets, because the meters more times than not, don’t work, if you are unlucky you still end up with a $45 ticket that you have to fight to get dropped. The recent conversation that I had with my sister was, we are not NY, or Chicago, so they are not our competitors in the parking war, but Ferndale, Royal Oak, and Birmingham are, and why do they get to have hours’ worth of shopping, and eating for a quarter, and we only get 15 minutes on a quarter? Detroit is now in a stage of rebirthing, but if it wants to keep up, we have got to get our parking act together, and based on this Crains Detroit article, it plans to do just that. Help is on the way!! And only time will tell if it’s a better solution to the parking problems or not.

The Struggle is real!!

Shop Small Business Saturday


 Small Business Saturday

Although you should be shopping small businesses everyday, which I’m sure many of you do, but the Saturday after Thanksgiving is the biggest effort to do so. When you shop your block you help your own community grow in many ways. A dollar spent in your own neighborhood, or area, stays in your area a lot longer than you realize, so let’s keep it in the family so to speak and today make a special effort to shop your block!! If you are not sure where to go check out other areas of this website and let that be your guide. It can be anything from your corner store, to your neighborhood deli, or the boutique down the street….have fun.

Rubbed Detroit

OK listen, I don’t get out as much as I would like to, because well I’ve been working on this website, and researching cool places for people to live, so when I get the opportunity to get out and try something new it needs to be worth my time. About a week or so ago I stopped by Rubbed in Corktown, I had been wanting to get by there since they opened. Let’s just say, I’ll take whatever it is that I’m smelling coming out of there!! That charcuterie is the equivalent of bacon, I don’t know, do they have bacon in there?! Because man o’ man you can’t go by that place without wanting to stop in. I must admit I played it a lil safe and had the Little Italy with capicola, mortadella, pepperoni, provolone, lettuce, tomato, red onion, banana peppers, mayo….so good, but I’m ready to explore more. You wanna know what the kicker is? They have pop (we call it pop here in Michigan), with real sugar not that high fructuous corn syrup, real sugar. For this good quality food plan to spend $ 10 or more on a sandwich, if you want quality food you have to pay for it, trust me it’s worth it. Now go get Rubbed and don’t forget to tell us how you liked it.




Whelp Racheal Lutz has done it again. She has gone and opened one of the cutes boutiques in the city. You can’t go in Frida (that’s the name of the store) and not want to come out of there with something!! I really can’t find the words to explain how absolutely cute everything is. The sister store to The Peacock Room is just as classy, but way more casual. In Frida unlike the Peacock Room you will find causal jeans, sweaters, and I even think I may have seen some flannel. The only way to see for your self is to go check out. I dare you to come out of Frida without something. Frida is located in the Park Shelton at 15 Kirby, however the entrance is on the Woodward side. The pic above will give you a sneak peak, to see more go to the “Just Cool Places” gallery.

New Hockey Stadium Plans


The New Hockey Stadium Site (2)

New Red Wing Stadium

Some of the advantages of being apart of Slow Roll is you get to experience events before anyone else does. Slow Roll (yes all 2000+ of us) was invited to view the site of the new Red Wings hockey arena, and afterwards at SoundBoard inside Motor City Casino, food, drinks, and fun was had by all, as well as a presentation letting us in on all of the plans The District Detroit has for the new site, including what it will do for the neighborhood and great news about local job growth, because after all someone has to work at this fabulous new arena, and who better than the people who already live here in Detroit. There will be new residential, office space, parking and much more, so get ready Detroit it’s coming!!


The Begining

The Begining

Well the M1-Rail has finally begun!! The streetcar project will take 27 months to complete. It is anticipated that stations will be erected in early 2016 and the streetcar will be operational in late 2016, but word on the street is that the project is already ahead of schedule, although before anyone gets too excited we haven’t hit the winter months yet, only time will tell if that continues. They say that they will try to cause as little inconvenience as possible, but I find that to be virtually impossible, even though to me it’s not any more difficult to get around downtown, already it has taken away tons of what was limited parking, but I guess that is going to be the case anyway. When it’s all said and done less parking will be a distant memory when we can get around town much faster than what we can now. I will keep you updated on the progress.

Oh Thank Heaven!!

Detroit has another 7 Eleven. This time it is located right in the heart of downtown Detroit on the corner of Randolph and Cadillac Sq. I’m not going to pretend that this didn’t sneak up on us as a surprise, because I am in that area at least once a week!! A couple of days ago I drove by there, and they were putting up the sign, and today it is open for business. This corner space has been empty for at least 10 years, the only thing that occupied it was a dummy that sat near or in the window and wasn’t fooling anybody. Detroit is on some kind of mission, and fast.

Detroit Is Getting Spoiled

Nine new restaurants in the Detroit area..nine?! OK well we are going to give you a quick run down. For a more extensive description you can go to the places to eat section on this website. Here ya go!!

  • Antietam–1428 Gratiot Ave: Opened 07/28/14
  • Craft Work–8047 Agnes: Opened early 2014
  • Downtown Louie’s Lounge–30 Clifford: Opened for about a couple of months now
  • La Feria–4130 Cass Ave: Opened November 2013
  • Ottava Via–1400 Michigan Ave: Opened early 2013
  • Taqo Detroit 22–W. Adams: Opened 07/01/14
  • The Grille Midtown–3919 Woodward Ave: Opened early 2014
  • Two James Spirits–2445 Michigan Ave: Opened early 2013
  • Wright & Co.–1500 Woodward: Open since Monday 07/21/14

And geez Louise there is more to come. Top Of The Pontch, Selden Standard, Guns + Butter, Republic, Gold Cash Gold, Dime Store.

P.s. Antietam is closed….closed? That has got to be the fastest opening and closing of a restaurant in Detroit’s history, it came and went as fast a pop up!

Cash Mob At Motor City Wine

Don’t forget today is Shop Small Business Saturday all over the country and to start it off here, we are Ca$h Mobbing at MotorCity Wine, located at 608 Woodward Ave. Detroit, MI 48226 from 2pm-2am today!  What better way to start or end your Shop Small Business Saturday.

Midtown’s Two Cool New Places

Midtown has two new cool places for you to check out.  In alphabetical order La Feria is Michigan’s only authentic Spanish Tapas restaurant.  Their menu will follow the tapas tradition of a number of plates that are small potions of Spanish cuisine.  La Feria is located at 4130 Cass Ave. (313)285-9081 for more information here’s the link www.laferiadetroit.com  The other spot is Melt, a gelato coffee and sweet shop, offering signature coffee, and sweet treats, by local vendors like Treats by Angelique, and more.  Melt is located at 4160 Cass Ave. (313)833-4223 for more info join their facebook page.