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Detroit Skyline

Detroit Skyline

Growing up in Detroit, Conant Gardens, to be exact, you could play outside unattended (until the street lights came on, of course). If you wanted to catch a cool breeze in the summer it was no problem to leave your front door open overnight, and there was a true sense of community. As I got older, however, I noticed that things, people and the neighborhood were beginning to change. When I decided it was time to move from my parents’ home, I ran straight across 8 Mile, into the suburbs where I thought it would be safer for a single girl to live.

After many years of moving further and further into the ‘burbs, around 2006 I slowly found myself coming full circle and spending more time in the city. I had never quite lost my love for Detroit and with all that positive energy I started feeling began drawing me back to the city. In March of 2009, after obtaining a job in Detroit, I couldn’t help but move back to the city where I lucked up on a place in Corktown, and have no intention of ever leaving the city again. 

Prior to returning to Detroit, I spent a few years working as a leasing consultant, and I really enjoyed it. It makes me happy to know that I play a part in helping someone find their new home. After moving back to the city, I had the opportunity to be the start-up Property Manager at a newly renovated, “green friendly”, apartment building in Midtown Detroit. When that contract ended, I began brainstorming about ways to continue to be self employed, while doing something that I love. Ultimately I figured since people were always asking me about available apartments, I should come up with a way to package that type of service.  After combining that idea with my love for the city, I thought “I got it!! I’ll create a website, and call it Cool Places to Live, I’ll design it to assist potential residents with exploring “Cool Places to Live”, and through personal tours they will learn more about and fall in love with Detroit,” the rest, as they say, is history.

The goal of this site is to focus simply on Detroit, and what I consider “Cool Places to Live”; cool properties, cool neighborhoods, and cool things to do so that you will have some idea of where you might want to live. With so many other things you could be doing, I’m not going to overwhelm you with apartments, lofts, etc. for you to spend hours of your spare time combing through, that’s what I plan to be doing.

I like to define a “cool place to live” as not just the space you live in, but what surrounds it, it’s what you hear, feel, and see (and what you don’t), that makes it cool. With that said, I’d also like to share with you several cool places to eat and play. Just so you know the site will always be a work in progress, that’s the fun part, you get to grow with it. I hope you enjoy the journey.