A New Way Of Parking In Detroit

Anyone who visits downtown Detroit knows the struggles of parking at a parking meter, and if you live down here, well I’m sure you encounter it much more frequently. If you are lucky occasionally you end up with quite a bit of unused change in your pockets, because the meters more times than not, don’t work, if you are unlucky you still end up with a $45 ticket that you have to fight to get dropped. The recent conversation that I had with my sister was, we are not NY, or Chicago, so they are not our competitors in the parking war, but Ferndale, Royal Oak, and Birmingham are, and why do they get to have hours’ worth of shopping, and eating for a quarter, and we only get 15 minutes on a quarter? Detroit is now in a stage of rebirthing, but if it wants to keep up, we have got to get our parking act together, and based on this Crains Detroit article, it plans to do just that. Help is on the way!! And only time will tell if it’s a better solution to the parking problems or not.

The Struggle is real!!

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